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The drug for the treatment of diabetes mellitus type 2 Galvus: instructions for use, price and patient reviews

The drug Galvus - a medical tool used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

It is usually used in combination therapy, but it is also possible to treat them exclusively, if the patient performs special exercises and follows the diet prescribed for him.

It is sold only by prescription, since it is possible to prescribe the correct dosage only on the basis of studying the analyzes and with the availability of special knowledge.

Instructions for use

The drug Galvus normally absorbed, regardless of the presence in the stomach of food. Therefore, it can be used both before and after or during a meal.

Galvus 50 mg tablets

There is only the recommended dosage of the drug, while the specific is determined by the doctor on the basis of patient tests.

Galvus is usually used in combination with other drugs: insulin, metformin or thiazolidinedione. In such cases, it must be taken once a day for 50-100 milligrams.

In cases when a person has type 2 diabetes, which has a severe course, and also receives insulin, the recommended dosage of Galvus should be 100 milligrams.

At the same time the maximum amount of funds for a single use should not exceed 50 mg.

Therefore, if a person is prescribed a dosage of 100 milligrams, he must divide it into 2 doses - preferably immediately after waking up and before going to bed.

The course of drug therapy is prescribed by the doctor, who selects the dosage. Self-medication with this remedy is unacceptable.


Research materials show that the drug Galvus does not adversely affect the body of a pregnant woman and the embryo inside her.

However, the study did not use a wide enough sample. It is not recommended to use means during the period of gestation.

Also, so far not collected a sufficient amount of information regarding the release of substances that are part of the drug with breast milk. Therefore, during the period of feeding the child, its use is also strongly not recommended.

Studies on the effects of vildagliptin (active ingredient) on people younger than 18 have not been conducted to date. Therefore, he is not appointed to this category of persons.

The use of this drug is completely unacceptable in the presence of high sensitivity to vildagliptin or other components of the drug (for example, milk sucrose).

To determine the appropriate intolerance is possible in the first days of admission.

As a rule, doctors do not prescribe this remedy to people with class 4 chronic heart failure. This is due to the fact that there are currently no studies confirming the safety of this drug for persons with this pathology.

The drug is acceptable to use with many other means, including those used in the treatment of diabetes. This is possible due to weak interaction with other substances.

The drug is allowed to use with extreme caution in cases of deviations in the production of liver enzymes. The same applies to the cases of diagnosing a patient of other disorders in the above-mentioned gland and Grade 3 heart failure.

Cost of

On sale it is possible to find Galvus in three options:

  • 30 tablets of 50 + 500 milligrams - 1376 rubles;
  • 30/50 + 850 - 1348 rubles;
  • 30/50 + 1000 - 1349 rubles.


The web has a fairly large number of publications from patients who have been prescribed Galvus.

The vast majority of them are advisory in nature.

In particular, reviews claim that the tool significantly reduces the level of sugar - on an empty stomach, it may be about 5.5.

Also, people say that this drug helps to cope with high pressure - reduces to 80/50 when used on an empty stomach.

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Galvus is a proven drug that is actively used now in medicine. Its popularity is due to the minimal set of side effects and the rarity of their occurrence, as well as the provision of a relatively small toxic effect on various systems of the body.

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